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2014 Body Counts
L.A.: 164 Chicago: 234
NYC: 185 Baltimore: 140
St. Louis: 70 Philly: 160
NOLA: 94 Detroit: 127
Houston: ???Updated 8/25/2014

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 Last Updated: 9/16/14 10:34 am 

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Prenant woman slain in Philly
Mother, unborn daughter shot down in drive-by
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New angels now!

New Little girl popped in the D
New Love triangle blows up in Cleveland
New Crash-n-grab in Chitown
Jax man slain in drug dispute
There's no place like home
Next time, go to Grambling
Next time, go to CARmax
Next time, use Fix-A-Flat
Exciting weekend in Chicago
Palm Beach jacka in da pen
3 capped in Tampa
Baby, momma shot in Ocala
Cleveland steala goes green
Nobody shot at Orlando anti-violence rally!
Next time, ride the bus
St. Louis killa gets 1
Career trouble for Ohio teacher
Teen popped at Cinci high school
Mississippi pastor likes em young
Property manager is steala in Memphis
3 charged in Chicago rap party slaying
Jeezy cuffed on weapons charge
Snitches get stitches
Jax man needs anger management
Farmer busted in Bama
Cleveland fight ends badly
St. Louis killa gets 1
Suge Knight shot in LA
Man slain at Wiz Khalifa concert
Rappa "Boy Summa" capped in NYC

New Trying to get ahead
New Next time, use eBay
New Tot pistol whipped in Toledo
Child popped in Sanford
Palm Beach stealaz in da pen
Club killa cuffed in Jax
Mother, boyfriend slain in Atlanta
Next time, go to Chick-Fil-A
Getting busy in Fargo
Next time, go to KFC
Kentucky teacher likes em young
Man seeks loose women in Vegas

Loose women busted in Vegas

Next time, use Pex
2 charged in Milwaukee slaying
Granny jackaz in da can
Robba is shoota in Baltimo
Robbaz shoot, take da loot in Philly
Housing project is center for violence
Pine Hills killaz get 1
Don't tase me, bro!
Big bust in Indy!!!
Teen capped in Chitown
Teen slain in Atlanta
Baby momma gunned down in Memphis
3 shot in Orlando
Cop shot, burgla killed in Chicago
Rough day in da Lou
Good riddance
No longer on the downlow
Kids hit in Milwaukee

New Burgla olympics!
New Just don't call him four eyes
New 5 shot at "Million Dollar Corner"
New Next time, go to Motel 6
New Crack house provided childcare
New Pastor packs in NOLA
New Next time, go to Waffle House
New Nashville students protest Common Core
New Thugs like drugs
Hard time for Chicago killa
Rough day in da Lou
6 shot at LA candlelight vigil
Man down in Croakland flea market
Next time, take a cab
Bangaz is lady killaz in the D
Next time, go to Burger King
At least he left Ferguson
Man capped in St. Louis gangway
Slow day in Chicago
Next time, go to Bob Evans
3 popped in the D
NOLA rallies to stop violence
Next time, go to 7-11

Next time, go to KinderCare

Suspect cuffed in LA shootings

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Some articles cited here are for parties who have been arrested, but not charged or convicted. All prospective thugs are innocent until convicted in a court of law. News from da hood Thug Report murder carjacking gang drugs crack meth police crime arrested gangsta rap rapper stop snitchin stop snitching drive-by shooting driveby shooting killaz Jesse Jackson thug Al Sharpton thug T-Pain Kanye West 50 Cent Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick gangsta rapper Councilman James Knowles for mayor Ferguson Jamilah Nasheed 2Pac thug life bling bling Slim Thug Slim Shady Barack Obama President black crime news Juneteenth black on black crime Cynthia McKinney Tiger Woods Robert A. Cox Hopper Construction St. Louis, MO