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2015 Body Counts
L.A.: 201 Chicago: 325
NYC: 82 Baltimore: 239
St. Louis: 136 Philly: 186
NOLA: 129 Detroit: 70
Houston: ???Updated 9/18/2015

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 Last Updated: 10/13/15 1:41 am 

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Miami cop accused of exploring
Police Explorer leader accused of providing booze, trying to kiss students
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Wiz caught taking a whiz
Teen gets headache in Jersey City
Cop capped in Memphis
Man down in da Lou
Party bus fired up in Chitown
Teen shoota cuffed in Orlando
No bond in Jax slaying
Jackaz are bad drivers
No bond for DC shoota
Miami cop likes em young
Ain't done nuffin
Fake cops are robbaz
Bloody day in Windy City
Next time, go to Rams game
4 popped in Dayton
Bulldog busted in shooting
Struggles of a single parent
Bad driver in Grand Rapids
Hard time for Jersey granny killaz
Dude, that's a lady
Rough day in Atlantic City
SF killa used stolen gun
Florida killa saves us cost of trial
Shoota is steala in da Lou

Nothing suspicious about this one
Orlando shoota hits 3
Huntington shoota on da loose
Rappa cuffed at BET Hip Hop Awards
She might have a drinking problem …
Rough weekend in Des Moines
Career ends for baseball playa
Killer gets probation
Man surrenders in July 4 slaying
Fake rappa rapist

Bad driver in Birmingham

Memphis shootaz in da pen
Celebrating the 4th in Chitown
Celebrating the 4th in Philly
Celebrating the 4th in Cleveland
Atlanta shoota celebrates the 4th
Packer locked up in Miami
3rd time is a charm

He did it for the kids
Fake cops busted in Jersey
Pharmacist cuffed in Paramus
Baby daddy capped in da Bronx
NYPD cop shares the juice
Rough year in Milwaukee
Jacka loses in Independence
He might have a drinking problem …
Killaz busy in Overland Park
Time for a new girlfriend

Knocked out!
The most dangerous profession in America
Next time, go to Motel 6
Next time, use EBT card
Bitch goes batty in Florida
Next time, distribute okra
That ain't softball
Cop kicker cuffed
Hard time for thrill kill cousins
Teen beaten for kicks
Funeral slaying on MLK
Teen popped in Omaha
Future dim for Patterson athlete
Hard time in Lansing shooting
Some articles cited here are for parties who have been arrested, but not charged or convicted. All prospective thugs are innocent until convicted in a court of law. News from da hood Thug Report murder carjacking gang drugs crack meth police crime arrested gangsta rap rapper stop snitchin stop snitching drive-by shooting driveby shooting killaz Jesse Jackson thug Al Sharpton thug T-Pain Kanye West 50 Cent Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick gangsta rapper Councilman James Knowles for mayor Ferguson Jamilah Nasheed 2Pac thug life bling bling Slim Thug Slim Shady Barack Obama President black crime news Juneteenth black on black crime Cynthia McKinney Tiger Woods Robert A. Cox Hopper Construction St. Louis, MO