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2015 Body Counts
L.A.: 44 Chicago: 53
NYC: 59 Baltimore: 42
St. Louis: ??? Philly: 52
NOLA: 37 Detroit: ???
Houston: 23Updated 3/20/2015

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All thugs are innocent until convicted in a court of law.
 Last Updated: 3/30/15 1:28 pm 

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Police Chief Sought Stress Relief
Miami Gardens chief arrested in prostitution sting
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New Career ends for NOLA babysitter
New 7 shot at Panama City house party
New Tampa burgla likes little boys
New Taser fails in Jax
New Chicago rapper needs new manager
10 year old mom to get no child support
Meth man needs haircut
St. Louis mugger caught on tape
Cleveland cop kills drunk stalker
Band leader likes em young
Busy day in Chicago
Next time, get a divorce
Prof seeks $$$ in false arrest case
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Mother of the month nominee
Croakland shootaz hit 2
Crook says he's innocent
Career ends for art teacher
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High tech teen cuffed in Crooklyn
Trial starts in NOLA tot slaying
Man charged in Milwaukee baby slaying
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Lynchburg killa cops a plea
Cop is robba in Illinois
East side killa gets 1
No snitches in Cleveland slayings

New NJ woman seeks new boyfriend
New Hard time for Jersey City bounty hunter
New Bad day for Toledo motorist
New Man slain in Ohio housing complex
New Buffalo chokaz in da pen
New Paterson rapist on da loose
New Rough night in Croakland
She did it for the kids
Jersey cops need designated driver
Former Saint charged with rape
Fake cop robs Miami man
High school security guard likes em young
Now, she gets no child support
NOLA shoota hits the mark
DG steala in da pen
Chuck E. Cheese riot caught on tape
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Thankfully, no video
Gun was too expensive
Lady down in Overtown
Riot at Memphis McDonald's
Our hero!
Atlanta shootaz in da pen
2 popped at Washateria
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Long trip for a haircut
No good behavior time for him
Next time, get T-Mobile
Car steala is bad driver
Gas, grass, or ass: Nobody rides free
She did it for the kids

New Next time, use Craigslist
New Rough day in da Lou
Hard time for Chicago killa
Teens cuffed in Tucson murder plot
Texas videographer likes em young
Maryland cop charged in gun incident
Pregnant woman cut in Colorado
Mother killed in Croakland
Hard time for Chitown predator
Burgla hides under the bed
Okie man gets unlucky on Beale Street

Jailers dealing in Memphis

Texas man is good shot
Strange motions
Next time, grab some Busch
Muskegon medic stole from dead guy
4 charged in convenience store slaying
Jesus killa gets 32
2 cuffed in Joliet slaying
Teen gets headache in Palmdale
Some articles cited here are for parties who have been arrested, but not charged or convicted. All prospective thugs are innocent until convicted in a court of law. News from da hood Thug Report murder carjacking gang drugs crack meth police crime arrested gangsta rap rapper stop snitchin stop snitching drive-by shooting driveby shooting killaz Jesse Jackson thug Al Sharpton thug T-Pain Kanye West 50 Cent Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick gangsta rapper Councilman James Knowles for mayor Ferguson Jamilah Nasheed 2Pac thug life bling bling Slim Thug Slim Shady Barack Obama President black crime news Juneteenth black on black crime Cynthia McKinney Tiger Woods Robert A. Cox Hopper Construction St. Louis, MO